recordUpdates for firestore is different than tutorial

I'm trying to follow some of the firestore documentation but it seems that they are out of date or I'm not understanding something properly. I'm trying to set up updateDocument and in the Document ID i'm being told to put:
{{ dailyReports.recordUpdates['0']._id but the i can't use . after ['0'] except for a few non helpful options like toString. Is the documentation telling me to do something that simply doesn't exist. OR... I'm missing something else and that's why it's not working? I have to say, I wish there was better firestore documentation. Thanks all!!

Hi there @tommybomb :wave:

Happy to help you out! May you send over a screenshot of where you're dealing with that recordUpdates[0]._id? I'd like to check out that syntax and see if Retool's throwing any errors?

I found out that I was following some older retool blogs that don't seem to be accurate. I found some of the newer documentation and have been able to set up some basic queries. I'm now on to bigger and better obstacles. lol. I will start a new question for those. Thank you for responding!