recordUpdates doesn't preserve field types - changes all my fields to strings and breaks APIs

I'm using recordUpdates for a changes to multiple rows in a table, but recordUpdates is changing all my array and enum field types to string, so it errors out in our API calls.

I've tried to convert all affected field with JSON.parse as seen below, but what ends up happening is that the fields that I don't update actually end up converting to null. e.g. in the below the following fields are arrays or enums: merchantIds, categoryIds, summaryTypes - but with the JSON.parse conversion, I all three field have value and I only update one (e.g. merchantIds), the other two become null.

{"benefit": {{table3.recordUpdates[i].benefit}},"benefitDetail":{{table3.recordUpdates[i].benefitDetail}},"cardId":{{table3.recordUpdates[i].cardId}},"categoryIds": {{benefitsCategory.value}},"merchantIds":{{JSON.parse(table3.recordUpdates[i].merchantIds)}},"summaryTypes": {{JSON.parse(table3.recordUpdates[i].summaryTypes)}} }

Is there a better way to preserve my field types when updating fields in a table using recordUpdates?

Hi @johntim, Would you be able to use the table.changeSet property instead of table.recordUpdates?

That property references only the edited fields from your table which sounds like it might work around your issue. I hope that helps!