Receiving XML from an API (solved)

I'm quite new to this, but wanted to share on the forum in case anyone else had encountered a similar issue and got stuck.
I'm querying a Xero API, and it's returning XML, including a wrapper element that I didn't want.

The result looked like this:

<Response xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">

The solve was to import an XML Parsing library (you can add globally, but I loaded into the App specifically by clicking the Three Dots in the top right and choosing "Scripts and Styles")
The path to use was

The transformer for my query is set to:
const parser = new XMLParser();
return parser.parse(data).Response

The result now shows correctly in the array format, as

Hope that's useful!


Thanks to @Tess 's help, and her comment here

@David_Jackson Thanks so much for sharing this walkthrough!