Re: Maintain login across tabs

The problem: You login to Retool in your browser (I'm using Chrome). Then you open another tab in the browser (because you are generally need a few tabs open in Retool to work well), and Retool prompts you to log in again to Retool. This is extremely annoying. Why can't Retool, like every other website, maintain auth functionality across tabs in the same browser? This is basic Auth functionality. Seems crazy that Retool can't support this.

Solution: Implement Auth that stays functional between tabs in the same browser, so if you are logged in to Retool in one tab you don't have to keep logging in for every new tab that you open.

Not seeing this behaviour, and never have - does this happen to anyone using your org or is it only your login/browser that's affected?

Happens on every computer and every browser to everyone who uses it. Not sure how you can't see it. Maybe it's only if you use Gmail for login, which is what we use. So maybe you are using standard un/password. Not sure. But I can state that 100% Login to Retool with Gmail does not persist in the browser and you need to always log in again whenever you open a new tab. This is not a bug, of course, it's just a bad UI and becoming very annoying.

OK, so we figure out the issue. What happens is that Retool only saves the login to the subdomain of the account, not the parent domain, I.e So when you log into Retool, you are just logged into the subdomain which is I actually never even realized we were working on a subdomain. Anyway, to stay logged in, you need to open up the subdomain, not itself.