Range Slider Doesn't Show Selected End Value When Values Are >= 1000?

Hey guys!

I'm having some troubles with the range slider component...it works fine until I put values >=1000 for the maximum value (see example in the GIF below) is there something I'm missing? Thanks!

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Hey there! This definitely looks like a bug. I will let eng know and then will update this thread with any updates :blush:

thank you victoria!

any update here @victoria?

Hey David! Just checked on the bug report and no movement :( We might either be using an external library for the slider with a hardcoded max at 999 (which would be harder for us to fix) or we've hardcoded the max ourselves (which would maybe be a little easier to fix, depending on the reason we set the max at 999).

Either way, there aren't any updates from our end, but I just bumped the bug report! 🤞

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thank you for the update & the details!

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I came across the same thing today. Here's a workaround I found for now:

  1. Hide the label on the width slider:

  2. Add two text fields immediately below the slider to act as the start and end values:

  3. Peg the values of the text fields to the start and end values of the slider component, respectively:


Thank you so much for sharing this, @jamesweakley! The bug still hasn't been fixed (just bumped it! :crossed_fingers:), so this workaround is definitely appreciated.

thanks for the idea @jamesweakley !!

This bug is still out there ... it's been 6 months now, any updates ? It's very basic tho, should be straight forward to fix.

Hi @AAZ! Thank you for bumping this. I'll bring this up in a bug triage meeting that I'm in right now. Will let you know how this bug ends up getting prioritized :crossed_fingers:

Good news - it's going to get picked up! Not sure about timeline, but it will get fixed. Thank you again for the bump.

I'll be sure to update this thread if I get any further context to share!

Hi, thank you for the updates but honestly it's not helping :slight_smile: we had the same answer 6 months ago and nothing has been done, for such a simple and yet important component.
We might not be the only ones using slider with values higher than 999 ...

Definitely understood :pensive: I’m sorry this has taken so long to get prioritized. I’ll let you know once we’re closer to a fix!

Hey @Amine + all! This functionality has been added :rocket: Let me know how it works and thank you for posting about this.