QuickBooks Enterprise, Power BI

Very new to retool and not a programmer so patience please. Currently using Power BI to reporting on QuickBooks Enterprise v21 (200 Company Files). We currently use a third party software (QQube) to sync the data. Also using Power Bi to report on data in a SQL database in azure for a custom built CRM.

I would like to use to Retool to allow for the reporting functionality and some data manipulation.

I've connected the SQL database without issue. I'm stuck on the QuickBooks Data.

I thought using the Power Bi API would be the best solution but I cannot get retool to connect I keep getting a 403 forbidden error. When I try the same Get from Datasets - Get Dataset - REST API (Power BI Power BI REST APIs) | Microsoft Docs It works without issue.

So finally to my question if you haven't fallen asleep yet.

What is the best way to get my QuickBooks Enterprise Data (read only, don't need to write) into retool? If it is through the Power BI API any idea what I am doing wrong?

Hey there!

Would you be able to share some screenshots of your resource set up? Have you create a resource with the REST API option?

If not you will need to create this first:

Most likely you are getting a 403 because you haven't got a valid authentication.

You'll need to follow these docs to set up an oauth app to allow users to log in and return an access token back to Retool that lets them use the powerBI api.


Let us know if you run into any roadblocks here, I know Microsoft documentation isn't usually the most helpful.

So last night I got it to work by taking the header Authorization and a very long string from the microsoft example and putting it into the resource header. However this morning it is not working.

What is the Authorization? should I need it to connect?

It appears the string on the microsoft changed. updating my string for Authorization resloved the problem. I'm assuming i'm supposed to have my own authorization string, just not sure what I could find this at.