Query With Table Selected Row

Hey guys :wave:,

I have a table with clients.
When the table have a selected row I want to show in another table some information about the client.

To achieve that functionality I have this query but doest work:

The query appears always empty.
Can someone tell me why?


Welcome to the forum!

Does the selected row contain "equipas" as a column? And is Lists_equipas an array?
Try using {{formatDataAsArray(Lista_Equipas.data)}}

Hard to say what the problem is without knowing more information... and if you can paste some data or code it will help get to a solution.

Hey! You might also want to use ANY as Scott mentions here. Curious to know if something like this works in your query:

id = any ({{tableListaCliente.selectedRow.data.equipas.split(",").map(Number)}})