Query Result Limit

Hi There,

I just inserted a large table of my data into the "Retool Database" in the hope of speeding up query time.

As you can see from the tab in Retool Database it shows my table as having 71.7MB of data.

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 10.18.33 am

Then in my app if I do a select * from my_table I am hit with

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 10.19.40 am

How is this possible? Is there any way around this or am I forced to make transformations prior to ingesting the data into my app?

Hi @Ben_Muller,

Thanks for reaching out! :thinking: I checked in with the engineering team that owns this feature & they asked if you could create a separate resource in Retool with the connection string for Retool Database. It would be helpful for troubleshooting if we could check whether the new resource has the same issue

@Tess I don't follow.

Are you saying I need to create a new table in the retool Db with the exact same data and query it again?

Thanks for checking!

No, for troubleshooting purposes, we're wondering if you could create a new Postgres resource on Retool using the connection string copy/pasted from your Retool Database resource. We're curious if you then do the same select * from my_table query against the Postgres resource, do you get the same error?

The team also warned that the added size could potentially be from JSON serializations, in which case, we'd recommend using pagination or filtering your data