Query of dates use time zones... but only sometimes!

I'm doing some date filtering, so to make it work I am using CONVERT.

However, I inadvertently noticed that selecting the date via "traditional" means results in something different. And it looks suspiciously like it's a time-zone thing.

Here's the query for both:

Here's the result:

We're in Houston, i.e. GMT -6h. Except for daylight savings time... which adjusts it yet another hour!

Here are the questions:

  1. What is going on?
  2. How can I turn off this time zone thing?
  3. How can I be sure my dates in the future come through correctly?

Hey Bon!

It looks like setting these values to varchar(20) may be cutting off a portion of the date here. It looks like timezone data is denoted at the end of this string and may be getting cutoff here. If you set this to varchar(24) does this change anything?