Query not working on entire table

I have created the ability to run a query from my previous table but it is only showing one result to my query.

I know there are more rows in the table that meet my criteria but this is what I am getting for some reason (picture attached)

Below is the query

{ _id: {$oid: '{{table2.selectedRow.data.store}}'}} 

I know it may be hard to see what is going on exactly but even from this picture, you can see there are other store object IDs in Table2 than are showing up in the bottom table.


Hey there :wave: Do you see the same behavior if you remove the quotes surrounding {{table2.selectedRow.data.store}}?

When i remove the quotes it doesn't work at all. It says "Query ran successfully" but I dont get an output in my table.

Hi @talktohenryj, Your query in your screenshot looks to be working as expected. Are you trying to filter table2 to only show rows with that store Object ID under the 'store' field?