Query.isFetching isn't working


I want to disable a button during the time a JS query is running.

So it the Disabled field of the button component I use {{js_query.isFetching === true}} but the button is still enabled.

I'm printing logs to console from inside the JS query so I can see when it's running or not.

Is it a bug or am I misusing it somehow?

EDIT: When looking at the left side panel I see the isFetching value to be set correctly to true. It just isn't working when used to disable the button.

To be honest we're a so disappointed from the whole retool experience. Paying $50/user for a business account and so many broken features, and no one can even help us solving the issues in here.

Hey @sykac, I'm very sorry to hear that you're disappointed with your Retool experience so far :pensive: This is a bug and we do have a report of this issue in place internally. I've linked this conversation to that report and we will notify you in this post of any updates on this bug. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention, and our apologies both for our slowness in responding to your post and the trouble this bug has caused you.

The Community Forum is a great resource to pose questions to the broader Retool community and we appreciate you posting your question here. However, if you encounter future bugs in Retool feel free to also reach out to us directly in Support, and hopefully we can help you more quickly!

Any update on this . Still the issue exists.

Hey @tpbook, unfortunately, there are no updates yet but thanks for bumping this! Is there a particular issue you're trying to solve with it?

Hey all! Just want to give an update here that as of 2.97.1 (Cloud) and 2.97.2 (On-Prem) js_query.isFetching should be working properly, please let us know here if you're seeing any further issues on instances that are running those versions (or higher).

This version is not release yet, right? I only see 2.96 so far:
Self-hosted Retool release notes

Yes, 2.97 is not available for on-prem instances as of writing this, but it will be soon!