Query generate error in console even when disabled

At app load time, I'm getting console error even if my query is technically disabled and not ran.
Any way to get rid of that error? I'm trying to keep my console error free.

It should not throw error even if ran as I'm doing null checking. Plus, it should only be manually trigered.

Hey @rferland!

Was this query originally constructed in GUI mode? It looks as though there may be a transformer that's passed to the 'Filter by' field that doesn't have optional chaining and, even though the setting is not in use, the transformer may still be throwing an error (as you suspected with the transformer in your SQL code).

You are right, {{tableHistory.selectedRow.data.id}} was still hidden under GUI mode.

I have similar issues on page load in multiple charts even if there is nothing in GUI mode source query for those (actually using SQL mode)

Have you checked the UI Form on your chart as well? That's another place errors will hide in unused settings.