Query from the library and list views

I have a query in the library that I am calling from a cell of a list view. I'm using the [i] notation to get the appropriate parameter.
When the query was directly in the app, it worked. Now that I moved it over the library, parameters with [i] are no longer sent. I have another parameter that is not related to the list (current_user.first_name), it is sent properly.
(I tried the same query from the library with a table setup instead of a list view, it works as expected).

Hey Greg! Ack, I reproduced this on my end as well—listviews definitely aren't sending i to a query in the query library. I'm going to write up a bug report for this, and we'll report back in this thread on fix 🙂

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Hello Victoria,

Great, thanks! :+1:

Experiencing the same bug here.

Any word?

Hey @bcromie! This hasn’t been addressed yet, but will bump this to eng now to let them know we got another report. Thank you for adding your +1 here :blush: