Query Editor for OpenAPI schema not showing array parameters

I have an OpenAPI resource that takes an array as the resource body, however when I try to setup the variables for the parameters it shows only the first entry. I've pasted a screenshot below. Am I missing something or is this not working correctly?

The query with the 3 parameters;

The OpenAPI schema showing it should be an array;

Hi @SLS The Request Body fields don't appear to match that schema at all. Are you able to share a link to your Open API spec?

Its an authenticated API, can I send it to you privately?

Sure, you can send me a DM with the spec if that's acceptable on your end!

@SLS I'm working on a fix for this. It'll allow you to enter the input as raw string / JSON format (without the structured builder). At least it should unblock you from using the query! Can you share with me the spec to verify that it'd work for you as well?

Thanks for jumping in here Harry! @SLS I shared your spec with Harry so no need to send it to him again.

@everett_smith Thank you! :raised_hands:

@SLS Ok I think something like this could work for now. We'll give you a free-form text area to enter the raw value for the request body:

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This is great. Thank you both!


@SLS This feature is now live! Please let me know if you still run into any issue with it

I'm marking this ticket as resolved for now as we've tested internally. Please follow up if you have any more questions about it!