Queries not saving (Unknown Error Occured)

This seems to happen randomly, but there are times when I go to make a change to a resource query and the save button just turns to saving and seems to be contentiously fetching and I get a notification that said Unknown Error Occurred while nothing saves. We're currently self-hosted on version 3.14.4.

This halts development because I can't save anything. I use chrome mainly, but I've tried on multiple browsers and an incognito mode and still showing the same results. I've sent a screenshot of the payload for extra info if it's helpful.

Can someone please explain first why this is happening, and tips to troubleshoot it in the future? Thank you!

@Kabirdas I'm pinging here because retool support got taken away. This keeps happening and I just need a direction to look in, because it's happening more frequently in the past couple weeks and it's disrupting our use of Retool. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hey @Kevin_Christensen!

Sorry that this has been so blocking :grimacing: does the request response contain any additional information when viewing it from your browser console? I would start there in hopes that there's a more detailed message or error code. You might also try checking the logs from your api and postgres containers to see if there are any additional error messages there.

For further context, it might help if you can post how you have Retool deployed both for additional debugging steps and in case there might be some kind of networking error. I'm doing some digging on our end to see if this is a known issue but haven't found anything yet!