Pull value from another table

I have an REST-API that feeds into 3 tables, I wish to pull a column of data from one table to another:

Each ID has a "approvedUsage" I wish to have this presented as column in the top table.

Any pointers ?

The top table is "Versioninfo" and bottom is "Ratings"

I have tried to add a column to "Versioninfo" using the below without luck

When you select an ID in the "versioninfo" it populates a GET request
{{ Versions.selectedRow.data.releases }}

So I would assume some loop request would occure for each ID and the "approvedUsage" that I wish to return in "Versioninfo" table

I don't quite follow how your data is structured, but here is the general approach I would use:

let me try this thank you

@benbarry I can see the logic of using a transformer, however as the values are being populated based on a variable being the film title which pulls in 3 API requests there is no DB for the request to work against. :frowning:

I tried with the below:

const query1 = {{VersionInfo.data}}
const query2 = {{Ratings.data}}

let outputData = [];

for (let i = 0; i < query2.length; i++){
outputData.push({title: query1[i].id, type: query2[i].approvedUsage });

return outputData;

Transformer ran successfully but no data is returned

Hard to help without knowing how the data is actually structured. If you have the data you want loading into separate tables though, then you should be able to combine them however you want.