Public version of app goes full browser width

I just noticed that this app when running in Public mode is stretches to the full browser width, but in normal preview mode it is a normal width.

Preview mode:

Public mode:

Hi @bradlymathews thank you for reporting this! It appears to be a recent regression. I am reporting it internally & I'll post here when it's fixed

This still hasn't been fixed, it makes the app somewhat useless. Possible to check this? A week should be sufficient time to fix.

Thanks much. We're considering going enterprise, but this is a deal breaker.

Thanks for checking in @scoutbird! Our team is actively looking into this one, so I should have an update soon!

Hi there! The fix for this will be shipped to Cloud next week in Retool v2.111.0. Thanks for reporting this & for your patience as our team sorted out a fix :slightly_smiling_face: