[Product launch] New Retool Inspector

Hi all—we’re introducing a new Retool Inspector to provide a more intuitive way to find the properties you need while building in Retool.

What’s new:

Nested add-ons and better organization for easy access to the tools to help you build. We’ve placed all component properties into three core groups: Content, Interaction, and Appearance.

  • Content: houses any data (images, text) that get piped into the component, as well as any Add-ons.
  • Interaction: is for Event Handlers, Validation Rules, and anything that primarily concerns the behavior of the component.
  • Appearance: is for anything that changes a component’s look. This includes layout and style, as well as any toggle properties to show/hide certain elements.

Progressive disclosure across all add-ons, validation rules, and styles to surface what you need, when you need it.

Visual improvements to keep the core properties within eyesight at all times.

ezgif.com-optimize (1)

We’re shaving away those extra seconds of navigation so that it's even faster to build and deploy your Retool app.

The new Inspector is available for all cloud customers today and is visible at login. We’d love to hear what you think!

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How do I change the label width? I can't find the option the Appearance section. I change that on nearly every component that has a label so I am kind lost!

I am also seeing Image Size and Image shape on the Select component Advanced Appearance options. Unless I am missing something, this does not appear to be relevant.

Oh I see, I clicked on the label add on and the details showed up. Ok I am getting it now, as mentioned the label is its own entity now, you click it directly (or click the Label in the Add On list) and the Inspector will give the options for the label.

Some relearning to do and more to come I am sure.

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