Problem with Importing CSV


I'm receiving the following error when trying to import rows from a table into BigQuery.

select count(*) as `count` from `revenue_sheet`.`master_revenue_file` where `policy_number` = '2' - No matching signature for operator = for argument types: INT64, STRING. Supported signature: ANY = ANY at [1:77]

I'm not sure why this error is showing up when the policy_number is an INT64 and in BigQuery, the column also titled policy_number is also an INT64.

This is probably because the value you're using is a string ("2" instead of 2)

But in the csv, it's just 2 and not "2". So, is there a way to change column data types after importing a csv using the file import button?

Unfortunately, when we parse file we keep all the value in string type. You'd have to manually convert the string to number. Something like:

{{ Number(table1.selectedRow.policy_number) }}
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Hi @Derek_Park,

Here's an example of how you might use Harry's suggestion in your changeset. I am keeping my selected row the same except that I am changing CustomerId from a string ("3") to a number (3):

It looks like you'll still get a syntax error until you update the filter by section to have a value for the policy number:

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