Printing/Reporting Capabilities

I would like some more advanced printing and reporting capabilities.

I am using to handle PDF generation, but it requires extra setup to get working with Retool. Carbone itself is open source so maybe you guys host your own Carbone server? You could make a component which would make integrating with it quite easy. There may be other options out there.

For those who do not know it, it also does many other file formats like Word, Excel and more.

With this it would be pretty easy to make invoices, statements, reports and such.

Also, being able to print any output directly from the browser without needing to download first would be a bonus.

Exciting news! In a deploy coming soon (very soon. Presumably right after the holidays),… functions will now support downloading a single component (like a PDF). Let me know if y’all have any questions!


This is huge! We will have to update our posts on PDFs... Does Retool plan to build out more to support PDFS in the future?

So, I can download say an HTML component as a PDF? If so, great news! And also, I spent several hours building this when I didn't need to!

@JoeyKarczewski yes! We’re looking into better PDF support now. Any specific requests you want to make sure get looked into?

@bradlymathews not yet, so definitely not a waste to build that (very useful)!