Pretendo fazer upload de vários arquivos

Pretendo fazer upload de vários arquivos, mas quero que esses índices venham de um outro local, tentei desta forma e estou tendo erro.


Como faço isso?

Hey @Wilson, Bem-vindo à comunidade :hugs:

I translated your message:

I intend to upload several files, but I want these indexes to come from another location, I tried this way and I'm having an error.

Could you elaborate a bit on your use-case please? (in english :see_no_evil: plz)

Hello minijohn!

With form it's up there in the image, I'm uploading a file, it's working but it's only allowing uploading to one file, this component allows me to select several files I intend to upload several files [...].

I want that instead of this zero "0" there {{ {...fileDropzone1.files[0], "data": fileDropzone1.value[0] } }} I can put an index identifier there, depending on the size of the files.

Ex: it would be like this

{{ {...fileDropzone1.files[index], "data": fileDropzone1.value[index] } }}, but this way it is giving error