Post data to Appscript from Retool Form

I'm having issues trying to post my data to AppScript, I'm getting the current error

And my data is formated in this way in the JSON body.

Hey @Programador_Escalando!

Can you try using {} instead of [] to wrap the "parameters" value? It looks as though it should be a key-value object but at the moment it's designated as an array. I also suspect that you might not need the quotes around {{ textArea.value }}:

   "function": "populateData",
   "parameters: {
      "folderId": {{ textArea1.value }},
      "data": [{
          "client": {{ textArea1.value }},
           // etc.
       "newName: {{ textArea1.value }}

Let me know if that works?

I tried this instead.

But I get this error.

Hmm... that error is a bit opaque.

Are you able to successfully make this request from somewhere like Postman? It might be helpful if we can compare a successful request to what you're seeing in the API Request tab of the query preview and go from there.

Otherwise, could you share more about the populateData function you're looking to call? As well as the rest of the settings for your query?

If there's any information you're willing to share but rather not post publicly you can feel free to DM me as well!