Possible bug with Firestore query

Using a working Firestore query I try and add a value in the Where statement and always receive the message: "Argument "opStr" is not a valid QueryComparison. Operator must be one of "<", "<=", "==", ">", or ">="."

The values are hard-coded for testing and still receive that message. When writing JavaScript I see this error when I don’t format the where using .where(value, comparer, value) with the FireStore library.


Seeing the same problem here. Simple queries.

Hi Everyone! We’re aware of the bug are looking into it- we’ll drop any updates here!

So this missed this update. Is there any plan on correcting this?

@brettski We’ve found the likely source of the issue and are working on a fix now! I should have an update later today or tomorrow

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The fix has been created and is waiting review, it should be live on either Monday or Tuesday morning

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@brettski The fix for this should be live now. For any existing queries, you may need to change and reselect the operator dropdown to reset it. New queries shouldn’t have this issue. If anyone else still experiences this let me know!

Yes, this is working as expected. As I refactor our queries to utilize the where statement I’ll let you know if there any issues discovered.

Thank you.

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Still seeing this issue

Hi @ayan! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your query and the error you’re getting?