Please help me starting using the API

Hi Retool team, I am not a developer but I am a "small" geek.
could you guide me to manage to connect retool with this API
I am lost, even if it seems simple.
I would really love to start using retool with it for my project
Thanks for your patience

Hi @stramich! here’s what this example request from dfuse’s docs looks like in retool:

Thanks Abdul. Actually, I discovered that the token has to be issued first, and everytime. Could I issue the token with my API key with retool? and how could I use retool when everytime I need to get a token first?

ah got it. so the easiest thing to do is to have a query for issuing the token on page load, like this:

then you can use the issued token in all your other queries like this:

does that make sense?

Makes sense! Thanks a lot.