Percentage heap used 97%

Does anyone know what's going on when percentageHeap gets close to 100%? Sometimes self-hosted Retool gets quite slow in edit mode, and wondering if this is a possible culprit? The RAM and CPU are <20% utilization at max.

{"pid":57,"Memory Stats for process":{"rss":"483.045376 MB","heapTotal":"322.678784 MB","heapUsed":"291.45256 MB","percentageHeapUsed":"97.32%"},"CPU Usage % for process":"0.84%"

Hey @mwh22! Hmm, that's not necessarily a direct sign of something going wrong. When we look at the logs, we usually look for other, more descriptive messages. Do you see any error messages in your logs?

And does Retool get slow for all users at the same time, or just randomly?

Thanks, Victoria. No error messages. I'll try to observe if it correlates with slowdowns.

Sounds like a plan. Let me know how things go!

Hey @mwh22
We're experiencing the same behavior while editing an app
Just wondering, did you figure out what the issue was?