Passing docker env variables to Kubernetes

We are using retool self hosted and deploying via Kubernetes to Google Cloud.

Everything seems fine, and goes according to plan as per the documentation with respect to getting it running. The problem we are having is that we are using a reverse proxy, and thus need to set the BASE_DOMAIN URL, if I understood the documentation correctly. It seems this is a docker specific env variable, but as we are deploying via Kubernetes, I can't manage to get this to work.

  1. I tried using a config map and setting BASE_DOMAIN in the namespace and redeploying with no succcess.
  2. I tried adding a BASE_DOMAIN value pair in the container yaml using both ConfigMaps and explicit values where api never comes up with a boot loop back off (errors on start api which is a black box log wise).
  value: ""

I should add that I am fairly new to Kubernetes and retool, so this might be a very simple thing but as there is no mention of environment variables (aside from secrets) in either the environment variables documentation or the kubernetes getting started, I'm not quite sure how retool would expect this as it seems to reference docker_scripts in the container yaml.

tl;dr - What is the best approach to passing environment variables like BASE_DOMAIN to retool when using Kubernetes?


Hi @Clayton_Bittle! Thanks for reaching out!

I am linking a similar post here, which mentions that we currently support reverse proxy deployments. :disappointed: I am guessing that is what is causing issues for you. Is this a blocker for your team? I will post on this thread if we are able to ship a fix for supporting reverse proxy deployments!