Override resource's content type

I'm making a request to our custom backend which is configured as a resource. In the resource we specify the Content-Type: application/json which has been fine for all of our requests up until now.

I'm building out a Retool feature that allows us to upload files to our backend, so these requests needs to be sent as Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=<generate_boundary_here>. However the Content-Type specified in the resource is not overridden by the one generated during the request.

This screenshot shows that it is including both content-type and Content-Type in the request, and our API is reading the first one (specified by the resource).

How can we override the resources Content-Type in this one case without creating a new resource?


Hi @ben.robertson, Can you remove Content-Type: application/json from the Resource config and just set the content-type in the queries instead?

Thanks @everett_smith, this is what we ended up doing :smile: