Organization-wide access link option

I want to be able to share a Retool dashboard with everyone in my organization, but only with users who are authenticated within the org. We cannot use the password protection option for this use case. Currently it appears there are two way to share the app:

  1. Public access link. The only way to limit viewing is with password protection.
  2. Viewer link. We need to purchase new Retool viewer accounts for each individual user in order for them to see this.

Is there a way to accomplish #1, share it with everyone widely, but they have to be authenticated within our organization?


Hi @sana!

The public apps aren't really meant to be a secure access point, so they don't support any of the same authentication methods that you get when users log in through Retool. We don't track any user information on public apps, so I think that limits what we can do. If you were to embed the normal /app/ version in a page, it would prompt the users to log in if they weren't already authenticated and work normally otherwise.

So in short, you'll either need to maintain a public app (where you don't pay for external users) or an internal app (where you do need to pay for internal users).

Let us know if you have any questions about this at all!