Option to call 'clear selection' automatically

Hi Team,

I have a table with server side pagination enabled. When user clicks on "select all" custom button

 tableName.selectRow(_.range(0, searchLinksTable.pageSize))

then first page data gets selected. Now if user moves to next page I see that in next page as well all rows are selected. Which gives user an impression that on select all selects all the data available in server. But in reality select all only selects a single page visible rows.

Now to remove this confusion I was to do "clear selection" if user is moving to another page. How can I trigger clear selection?

I can trigger below code to achieve same but is there any handy function already available?

tableName.selectRow(_.range(0, 0))

Hi @arun! I don't believe so :blush: I would also use JS for this. You can also use tableName.selectRow():

I would also like to be able to clear the row selection checkboxes for a table after changes are made , and from what you posted
tableName.selectRow() (replacing tableName with my table)
will do that, but where do I put this code? I put it as a Success Event ,Run Script
in the trigger for the Save. But it either doesn't execute, or the code doesn't reset the boxes. (The save trigger does work).

Hi @trwald Do you mean on success of the save changes event? It is working for me as a run script on success. Can you share a screenshot? Are you on Retool Cloud or are you self-hosting (if self-host, which version are you on)?

Might be worth double checking that it didn't auto correct to tableName.selectedRow()

Both of these are working for my table: