Opening Custom URL Schema Links

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

I'm currently trying to open links with a custom URL schema through my Retool app, but none of my attempts have been successful so far.

For example, I'd like to open an Obsidian URL like this one:


I've tried placing links in text fields as Markdown and as HTML links:

[Obsidian Note](obsidian://open?vault=myVault&file=linkToMyFile)

<a href='obsidian://open?vault=myVault&file=linkToMyFile' target='_blank' >test</a>

I've also tried using a JS query, but it doesn't work either:'obsidian://open?vault=myVault&file=linkToMyFile', '_blank');

Does anyone have an idea on how to open custom URL schema links in Retool?

Thanks in advance, and best regards,

Hi @Davin! :slight_smile:

Hmm I don't think I've seen this being done in Retool before and we might not support it.

I do know that some browsers have some security features that prevent custom URL schemes from being launched altogether. e.g. Google Chrome has a "Strict site isolation" feature to block custom URL schemes from being launched from websites that are not explicitly whitelisted.

I tried opening your URL a few different ways (open URL event handler from a button, opening the URL with JS, etc.) and can't seem to get any sort of response.

This may just be a feature request, unfortunately :sweat: