Opening a modal within a Listview no longer working

I swear this used to work. It worked for someone here: Can't close modal inside a listview - #5 by igoraguiar

I have a button and a modal in a list view. The button calls this JS to open the modal:


But I get this error:

Error:modViewFile[i].open is not a function

Hey Bradly,

Seems to be working fine on my end - could you provide some additional details?

I just tried a test app and it did not work.

Then I added a text component like you did with this Value: #### Current Key: {{i}} and it started working.

I deleted the Text component and it continued to work. I went back to my other app and it is also now working.

Gremlins! :japanese_ogre: Or Retool is gaslighting me. :diya_lamp:

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I added a second ListView with the same layout. The Modal in the first ListView is still working, but the second is not.

Tried with Button and with DropDownButton. This way:


Or this way:


But if I reload the page, it starts working.