OpenID with Okta Error


I have followed the OpenId guide here SSO with OpenID providers
and I currently receiving this error.
CUSTOM_OAUTH2_SSO_JWT_EMAIL_KEY environment variable did not resolve to a valid email address. I have set the environment variables but I still can not log in with SSO.
Any help would be great


Hey @cathalelliott!

It looks as though we might be looking for the email value from the original JWT sent by your SSO provider.

I know of a few gotchas with Azure SSO, for example with OIDC. When you navigate to the user profile in the Azure user directory (or whichever SSO provider you're using), do you see that the email property is set with the user’s email address?

Or if you're using a custom OIDC provider, this toggle needs to be on I believe.

Let me know if either of those help! If not, happy to keep trying other things.