Open new container tab from button when using multi-select

I had this feature working where I click on the button, whilst it select the number and opens the new tab for the user. However, I cannot seem to get it working when multi-select is enabled. Does anyone know a workaround where I can have this functionality with multi-select enabled?

I used this query to get the functionality, where zaak_id is the text field component and tabbladen are the container tabs:


I use

where 0,1,2,3 etc... are the indexes of the tabs for the container. So if Overzict tab is the 4th tab use tabbedContainer1.setCurrentViewIndex(3);

Thanks for the answer.

Setting the value of the tabs in my piece of code works, the problem is that I want to use the value of the button on which is clicked.

SelectedRow does not work when the table is set to multi-index, as it assumes only row can be selected (which normally is the one which is clicked on)

Hey @Jeroen_Vermunt!

When you trigger your query from your table it has access to the currentRow variable in its scope so you might be able to do something like:


Can you let us know if that works?

table_button_trigger_with_multiselect.json (16.2 KB)

This seems to break after updated to the latest (non-legacy) runtime. Is this intended?

Thanks for surfacing this, as far as I'm aware this is not intentional. I've surfaced it with the dev team so that it can be looked into, and will keep you updated here!

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@Kabirdas Yesterday I received an email from the performance team that is it fixed. I can confirm that it works again as intended, thanks a lot for looking into the issue and for the quick fix.

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