OnEdit of TableCell update Database

I have a standard table from ReTool with the option of certain columns to contain editable values. Now I want to change the value of a cell and want to update the according mysql table on change.

I know I can update entire rows or the whole table using the SaveQuery, but I only want to change it inline, as the table consists of information from 4 different tables and people tend to forget to save.

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You have to use Save Changes for the data to be sent back to the db and then refresh the table with the new data...any chance you can post a screenshot along with some code....?

I haven't written any code, since I haven't found any way of updating a single cell, rather than saving all changes at once.
With the normal Save Changes Method a user would be able to do multiple changes in multiple columns, which then need to be saved. Since the (frontend) table consists of four (sql) tables, and other than in the form I cannot define form_data_keys, I have the problem of mapping data.

I have to correct myself. I found a "CellChangeHandler" which is triggered, if the value of a cell is changed. I just haven't figured out yet, how to get the data, of the cell that is changed and to know where to map it to in the correct sql table and column.