One Signal Notification Sending

Hi team,

I'm trying to use the One Signal integration to be able to send in app push notifications through our retool app. I'm familiar with the One Signal REST Api and am used sending notifications through that but I'm not able to enter a list of users to send to (include_player_ids or include_external_user_ids) or segments to send to (included_segments) in the request body. Is this under a different field in the Retool UI? Any information would be great!


Hey @kan77!

It looks like it's actually a known issue that we're missing some parameters that can be sent to the /notifications endpoint. I've bumped the issue and we can let you know here when there's an update. Thanks for surfacing this!

In the meantime, can you try connecting to OneSignal using a REST API resource? Setting it up as follows should be sufficient for hitting /notifications:

I will try that out, thanks for the update!