Not needing to requery after a table update or insert

This has been mentioned a few times in various posts, but I can't find the specific Feature Request on this.

I have posted a number of suggestions about table improvements and some have been implemented so far, but my number one, number two AND number three suggestion would be this:

When you edit the table and post the results back to your database or API, there should be an easy way to merge the changes from .newRow and .recordUpdates into the .data object so you do not need to do a requery of it's data source to reflect the changes.

This would result in a massive performance upgrade for many of my apps.

I do understand the implications of this change and the trouble you could get yourself into if you don't respect it. Not to mention backward compatibility. So you might either make it an option or force the dev to call a specific function to do the merging.

Another option would be to make .data editable.

And I do know I can implement this myself using temp vars as the table source, but that is more work and more to go wrong and I only do that when I really, really need it.