Not able to forward cookie

I'm attempting to forward cookies from my auth route to the query. I followed the instructions at Custom API authentication but it doesn't seem to be forwarding the cookie. I am not able to determine if it is an issue on my end or Retool's, and I'm not sure how to go about finding out why it is missing.

I set FORWARDABLE_SAME_DOMAIN_COOKIES_ALLOWLIST to the cookie I want to forward, but also checked "Forward all cookies" for good measure.

Also, when I test the auth workflow, the page refreshes, so I'm not able to retrieve the scopes that show momentarily under the test button.

Hey @ekaiser! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your current resource setup?

Hi @victoria ,

Here it is in 3 screenshots with possibly sensitive info redacted.
The query string in custom auth flow got cut off, but basically it is:
?callback=urlAbove&nonce={{ csrfNonce }}, with callback being the URL specified above.

Also, I just tried changing the auth cookie that .NET 6 generates to SameSite=None, since that just helped with my frontend and Apollo Client, but that didn't make a difference for Retool.