Not able to access variable from JS query to the REST api query

I am passing a uid variable to a REST API query call which I want to use as a JSON value in the body of a POST call, but unable to access the variable. Attached SS.

Hey @stefancvrkotic, any help here?

Hey Avinash,

In this post I've talked about passing values.

However my strong recommendation is to use Retool Workflows as it has in-built support for functions, handling errors, branching, loops and the execution can be longer than 120s as is the case with queries.

If you are looking to do this within an app I'd suggest building a workflow which is triggered via endpoint.

Hope this gives you some direction.

Hey @stefancvrkotic, In my case, I want to pass a value on the success of a resource query, which is create_batch().
And Trigger another resource query by passing that variable I get from BE received On the success of create_batch()

Referring to this post implemented the same logic, but the parameter is not accessible in transformer6. @stefancvrkotic

Afaik transformers cannot be triggered so a temporary state needs to be used (value needs to be set).

Other thing to mind in current set up save_details depends on transformer value, but transformer value itself depends on the outcome of the save_details query which is a behavior you might want to avoid.

Hope that helps!

Taking a look at this as well! Just to double check, are you trying to pass in additionalScope from your save_details JS query to your upload_thumbnail query?