Not able access variable from JS query to MongoDB query in Retool Workflows


I am trying to access the results of "GetTimeInterval" in GetCrawlingLogs. It is showing 'GetTimeInterval is not defined'.

Am I accessing the variable in the wrong way? Or it is bug because I am able to reference "GetTimeInterval" in REST call or Postgresql.

Hey @Mayank_Chaudhary!

It looks like this may be a bug on our end, are you able to still run the query properly despite the linting error?

No. It just sets the field to empty.

Is that when you run the query or just in the green preview box? Sorry, I know this is hammering down on a single point but it looks like there may be an issue with the input preview as well:

If running the query doesn't return the expected result I'd wonder what shows up if you inspect the request in the network tab of your browser's dev tools:

Either way, definitely a bug on our end! Just want to make sure I get the right scope here and see what a potential workaround might be if necessary.

Looks like it is just a linting and green preview box bug. It is setting the parameters correctly.

Earlier I remember it was not running the query correctly. But right now, the queries are running correctly.


Got it, alright, good to know that at least the query itself is working. Will let you know here when there's a fix for the bug!