No selected row after row delete

I have a button which will delete the currently selected row of the table. This works fine, but after the table details have been refreshed, the selectedRow property of the table points at the index of the deleted row - if this is the last row of the table, then no row is selected. This looks like a bug to me. I can resolve the problem by running selectRow(0) in a JS query after the table repopulated, but it looks a bit of a hack to me.

Hey @simont and welcome to the community! In your table settings, do you have “Select first row by default” toggled on?

Yes, and I’ve also tried setting the Initial selected index of table to 0 - makes no difference.

I’ve tried for a bit and I’m not able to reproduce this on my end - could you send over a video / screenshare by any chance?

Hi, has this been resolved? I have the same issue. After deleting a selected row from a (database-backed) table, the subsequent row is selected automatically. I would like to have the selection cleared, and I would like to avoid creating a JS query just for this.