No `currentRow` in calculated column Dropdown (appears as Bug or Product Flaw)

If you select Dropdown as the column type for a calculated column, the currentRow variable does not exist.

Is there another way to index the table data based on the current row index of the table cell?

The table is being populated by a query so I could potentially use the query data directly if that is a workaround

Either way, not having the currentRow variable available for this type of Custom Column defeated the purpose of having it as a custom column, and as I have confirmed that this is the only custom column type that does not have the self or currentRow variables available for use, it strikes me as a bug or a pretty noticeable error in product design.

*Not trying to call you out, just sharing my thoughts :slight_smile:

Please comment / advise when you have the chance.

Hey @roblevy! You’re definitely right - you can’t use .currentRow in a dropdown type column, whether it’s an existing column or a calculated one. I’m not sure what the logic is here - I can check with the team. For now, you should be able to pretty easily work around this by using the query data directly, like you mentioned.

Hey @roblevy – you can use the currentRow variable in the “values” and “labels” fields of the dropdown-type custom column. The red error message that you see is actually incorrect – a false error message!

Note: these fields only accept array values though…

Here’s a quick GIF demonstrating:
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We’ll work on fixing that false error message! :upside_down_face:

Hey @roblevy just wanted to let you know that we fixed the false error message and added some helpful copy in the green preview!