New Table Pagination Difficulties

Hi all,
I am writing an app that displays a list of filtered users with server-side pagination selected using Limit offset based. I've been through various posts including Dependency Cycle in New Table as well as a few related to the legacy table.

I went ahead and implemented a separate query to obtain the number of rows returned. (Although I don't care for the need to make two calls rather that only one that combines data and a row count.)

The problem I'm running into is that despite all attempts to implement paging, I have not found the correct method to do so - clicking on the pagination prev/next buttons does not trigger the query to run for the next set of data.

Is there an event handler that should be implemented to handle the prev/next button on the new table pagination control?

Any suggestions welcomed!

Hi @jimmealcast,

Could you show how you have the datasource query set up for your table? Does it have a dependency on your table's currentPage? If so, the query should automatically update when you paginate your table and the value of currentPage changes.

If it doesn't have a dependency, then your query won't automatically run and update data. There isn't currently an event handler for onChangePage, but we will note it as a feature request!

Hi Anna,

I sorted it - the query had been flagged to be run by manual trigger only so the query was not being executed when the current page changed. All good now.

It would be helpful to have the onChangePage event wired up so please do put in a feature request for that one.


Hi @jimmealcast! An On change page event handler has been added to the new table, hope this helps!

Hi @AnnaW Thanks! I appreciate you letting me know. I'm sure I'll give it a try shortly.

@AnnaW Just as a follow-up to the above, using the On Change Page event handler is working great! Thanks for the enhancement!

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