New Table - how to know which action button is clicked

I'm using Retool self-hosted with the new table, and I can't know which row the action button is clicked.
My issue is very similar to this one:
Except I tried currentRow, currentSourceRow but nothing works.
Please help.

Hello, I use cloud version, it seem support now.
what's your self-hosted Retool version?

could you debug the value of table2.currentSourceRow?

I'm using 3.4.3.
This is the whole table states, there is no currentSourceRow to debug. There are selected* state but is for rows checked by checkbox.

I am sorry for typo, in the query scope, you should use table1.selectedSourceRow or selectedRow; currentSourceRow should be use in the scope of column, such as event handler of column click, change.

could you let me know more about your use case? Are you want to trigger the del query in when action is click? if so, you should use script as event handler of action. and pass currentSourceRow in additionalScope to this del query.
then in the query scope you can refer to it.

Here is screenshot of my code.

then you can refer to currentSourceRow with {{currentSourceRow}} in the del query.

  }, onSuccess(data){

here is document of additionalScope

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