New Table - Column Dynamic Appearance

I am attempting to color code a column in the new table. I have tried the examples in other community posts but it does not seem to operate.

Here is the operator I am using:
{{ self == 'Open' ? 'green':'' }}

But this is what the screen is showing

Any tips would be appreciated.

Hello, self in new table is point to table itself. I try item is ok. but still with error tooltip.
pls help to fix this wrong tooltip, we can get item in the background option's scope.

Excellent. Worked!
"Agree it gives me an incorrect tooltip.


hey @Dion_McCormick and @AnsonHwang - thanks for posting and answering! Just noting that we had filed a bug for that incorrect tooltip, and the fix was released on Aug 4th with this changelog note: "Fixed an issue with code editor validation for color inputs in the Table component." :rocket: Thank you both for surfacing.

Glad it worked already and besides the incorrect error in the UI you were generally unblocked in the meantime via Anson's response!