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Please add

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Hello, could you please add to
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Hi @Erin_Masatsugu could you please add the functionality here :pray::

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@Erin_Masatsugu Hello Erin, haved considered to add async function?
thanks. My use case is to fetch image go get file size via HEAD request.

Hi Erin,

We would love to join the alpha.

Could you please provide access to

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+1 although I'm mostly curious if sync will always be the default or if there are plans to add a sync/async option and the default behavior could change.

for your use case, hope you don't mind me asking if you've tried using XMLHttpRequest

most browsers on desktop/mobile should have built-in access to XMLHttpRequest which lets you make sync HEAD requests. if you haven't used it before you can put the following code in the Preloaded JS area:

window.urlExists = async function(url, onError, onSuccess){
  var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
  // 3rd parameter of .open() is to enable/disable async
  // HEAD is the same as GET but with no request body, you could try using it still but it might depend on the server if it works or not'HEAD' /*'GET'*/, url, false);
  xhr.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json');

    // sync causes .send() to block
    if(xhr.status != 200){
      // console.log(xhr.status, xhr.statusText);
      // retool resource requests still return a promise, so we want to await to keep it sync
      await onError(xhr.status, xhr.statusText) ;
      // console.log(xhr.status, xhr.response);
      await onSuccess(xhr.status, xhr.response);
    // console.log("Request Failed");
    await onError(xhr.status?? 500, "Request Failed");

you could also make a JS Code resource with the same name and function content, either way you would use it basically the same (await urlExists.trigger() or await urlExists.trigger({"additionalScope": {"url": my_url}) if you use the additional scope vs below picture). add an Event Handler to whatever action you want to trigger it, choose Run Script and call function with await

you could also call it in other places with {{ await window.urlExists('my_url') }}

if you have any questions feel free to send me a dm so we don't hijack the thread on accident :beers:

Yes we are considering adding async functions! We don't have the details yet, but we aren't planning to make async functions the default.

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