New: ListViewV2 beta


Super duper.
Going in Styles and {{self.hovered ? "#D1D1D1":"#FFFFFF" }}
I would be nice to be in the Appearance section.


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I have a new client who needs needs this, could you turn it on for please? Also if you have access, could you also flip the switch for the Multiplayer beta? Thanks!

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Hi @bradlymathews apologies for the delay! Multiplayer has been added

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Awsome! :smiley:

Now that same client just told me this morning that they decided to move the project over to a different org. :upside_down_face:

Could you kindly add to multiplayer and Listview beta?


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Hi @bradlymathews

Both enabled! You will have to go to Settings > Beta and turn multiplayer on there

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We'll try it as well:

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Hi retool team please activate both multiplayer and listview thank you

Hello, what multiplayer feature does?

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@Oscar_Ortega ,

You can have two people editing an app at the same time. You can also use it for multimonitor editing where you have the app open in two different browser windows, with one showing the workspace and the other showing code.


Can you please enable multi and listview v2 to:

Thank you.

When are you thinking #3 will be available?

  1. With virtualization, we have removed the ability to reference components within the list view from outside the list view (but within the list view the components can still reference each other), or indexing these components (e.g. textInput1[I] will not work). The exception is that the JavaScriptQueries will be able to reference the components (but still without indexing) if they are triggered by components from within the list view. When this happens, the reference will point to components in the same row.
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Hey @Tess could you enable listview v2 for

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Hi all, List Views are now available to all cloud users. You can read more in our Repeatables launch post here: Introducing our new Repeatables

Thanks for the feedback and input! We will be continuing to invest in our Repeatable components and appreciate the discussion and feedback on the forums.


Hi @metechnologies & @agaitan026 Can you request the multiplayer feature here? Thanks!

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