New Customer Enquiry

Good morning from Bonnie Scotland.
I was just considering subscribing to retool but needed a few queries answered if possible.
I was looking to build a record system to keep track of members and update various things with triggers etc. Also maybe a petty cash 2 column cash journal with balance sheet no time limit just on a hobby type of project for a non profit scout group. Also display via a web page.

Question is, is Retool the tool for this or am I in the wrong direction. I know there are commercial packages to do these things but Its all about the personal touch and achievement.

Any feedback would be great or even a look at some systems or any prbuilt systems that could do this I could check out.

Thank you all and thanks for inviting me into the forum.

Hi @Faldo! This sounds like a pretty reasonable use-case, and Retool can definitely be used to build tools like this. All Retool apps are hosted as web apps on but you can embed a public version of it for unauthenticated users to load an app on the Pro plan.

For some more examples of built tools, we do have many templates which you can open up inside of your Retool account after signing up for a free trial either from that template page or under the blue “Create new-> Create from template” button on your Retool homepage.

Thank you will have a look around and see how I get on.