Need to map user selected name to database row name

I need to map a user selected name to a row name that doesn't match.

For example, the user has a list of department values to choose from and "Human_Resources" is included but the database row is named "HR". I prefer to not rename what they are familiar with.

My query doesn't return values because it doesn't match. Here's an example of my non-working query.
Select * from Department where name = {{.Value}}

Is it possible to do this?
if {{.Value}} = 'Human_Resources' then
select * from Department where name = 'HR'
select * from Department where name = {{.Value}}

Hey @I_need_help, you came to the right place :slightly_smiling_face:

This should definitely be possible. There’s a couple ways I can think of now, but I want to make sure to pick the easiest based on your dataset.

About how many options do you have in your dropdown? And where are these options populated from (e.g. a column from a query)?

The values are in a static list
[Human Resources, Marketing]

The values are displayed to the user.

Ah, gotcha! Do you think using a Value vs Label property would be helpful here?

In this example, I'm showing the readable values as Labels and keeping the db values as values.

Then, when I want to access the db value of the selected item, I just have to reference {{ select4.value }}

Let me know if you have any questions at all!