Need to access just one field of a set of FireStore Documents returned from a Query

I need to populate a selection component with a list of names from documents in a firestore collection I've queried. image
The query is successful , but trying to put a simple query transformer on to the query to return just an array of the specific field I'm looking for results in the data being "Undefined".


Not sure what the deal is here, maybe I'm misunderstanding how firestore queries are interpreted by retool? However What I'm trying to do seems somewhat similar to the query transformer tutorial. Please let me know if you can help.

Hi @Brycejacobrichards!

In case this is still an issue you're having - it looks like the data you have is an array of objects so you'll want your transformer to be

return => document.community_name);

in order to grab the community name from each document. Let me know if that works!