Need help with developing a simple website to monitor a Firestore collection

I need a simple web app to monitor the data in a Firestore collection. I don’t care about the looks, it’s for internal use.

This collection is like a logs collection. A new entry is created every second. The data that should be displayed is in 2 fields: Time and Description

The website should

  • let me see the data in the logs collection (in a table or chat like structure), sorted by time
  • be live (a listener set to the db, to automatically display new entries without refresh)
  • adapt to content’s size (some descriptions will be 1 line, others 20 lines). Display everything
  • have a switch to turn on/off the option of auto-scroll down when new entry is added
  • if i scroll up to see older entries, they should come in batches/paginated. As i want to load only the next 50, not all of them at once (taking too long because they’re many)
  • have a search bar , to look inside the full collection if any log has a keyword
  • support searching/filtering by time. Selecting 2 points in time and see all the logs in that interval. While time interval is set, the search bar should look only in the selected range
  • have UI adapting to both laptop and mobile phone sizes

I dont care about the technologies used … coded from scratch, templates or 3rd party tools … doesnt matter.
I care to be done fast and cost efficient.